SwimSafer Test 11 Dec 2019

The next SwimSafer test is TBC

Note if I cannot take the test for you I will try and find you another tester or swim school

Due to changes in the registration requirements from the SwimSafer administration, all tests must now be done a minimum 6 weeks before the actual test date

New Student Registration and make up lessons

Click HERE for the online registration form

Click  HERE to register missed out lessons and request make-ups

6 week paid notice date

A formal written notice date will be passed to me via hand at class with payment card.

If I am away an email or post mail. Notice date will be from receipt of it in writing. I will respond that I have received it and you can check it is posted on the blog with finishing date.



If someone calls up to book a class I can let them know if it is available. I can let others know who might want to change class.

I might lose students if the class looks full and the time suited them but you never informed me. Some are willing to wait until that time slot is available as well.

It would be greatly appreciated to give the reason for stopping.

eg PSLE etc

To claim back your deposit old ($25 or $30 depending when you signed up), you need to pass this form to me with it signed and written off. Whatsapp image not excepted. If you have not paid your registration fee of $30 you are not entitled to your deposit. You must keep your records and receipts.